•The Trouble With Billionaires by Linda McQuaig and Neil Brooks (2010): excellent book on the concentration of wealth and how it threatens the well-being of everyone and the functioning of democracy.

•The Spirit Level: Why Equality is Better for Everyone by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett (2010): the groundbreaking work documenting that our personal and social well-being is more related to the level of equality in society than to the level of wealth.


•Treasure Islands: Tax Havens and the Men Who Stole the World by Nicholas Shaxson (2011): a look at how global corporations use tax havens to avoid billions of dollars in taxes.
•Offshore: Tax havens and the rule of global crime by Alain Deneault (2011): describes a global base of operations from which massive criminal enterprises and corrupt corporations operate freely and with impunity, menacing developing nations and advanced democracies alike.


Tax Fairness Campaign Videos:

I’m Voting for Canada <>

Africa Loosing Billions in Tax Evasion   <>

The Robin Hood Tax  <>

Bill Nighy Backs the Robin Hood Tax   <>

Which province has the lowest corporate tax rate?


Fat cat thanks Albertans for making him soooo rich <>

Tackle Tax Havens <>

Carbon Price- Say Yes <>    (Australia)

Corporate Tax Giveaways   (Canadian Labour Congress)


Save the Troy library campaign  <>

The Third Way <>   (Public Service Alliance)

 Power points and Presentations:

Introduction: Bruce Campbell, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives:  audio <>

Diana Gibson, Parkland Institute: audio   <>

Neil Brooks, Osgood Law  School: audio <>

Public Opinion on Inequality and Taxes:

Keith Neuman, Environics Institute: Presentation

Ed Broadbent, Broadbent Institute: audio <>


Evaluating Campaigns for equality and tax fairness:

Matthew Carroll, Presentation <>


Alain Deneault, Echec aux Paradis Fiscaux: audio <>

David Langille, Your Tax Cuts at Work Campaign: audio>

James Clancy, NUPGE, All Together Now campaign: audio <>

Beyond our Borders:

John Christensen, Tax Justice Network UK: audio


Nicole Tichon, Tax Justice Network USA: Presentation <>


Alvin Sindiga Mosioma, Tax Justice Network Africa: audio


Sarah Anderson, Institute of Policy Studies, USA: audio


Framing the Tax Debate:

Trish Hennesy and Shannon Daub, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives: audio <>

 Environment and taxation

Marc Lee, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. Report: Fair and Effective Carbon Pricing.



David Thompson, Sustainable Prosperity. Presentation <> .

Making Taxes Fairer

Toby Sanger, Canadian Union of Public Employees: Presentation <>

Kathleen Lahey, Queen’s University: Presentation


How taxes can help reduce poverty and inequality

Laurel Rothman, Campaign 2000: Presentation <>

Tackling Tax Havens:

Claude Vaillancourt, Attac Quebec: Presentation

Other Links and Resources:

The Nova Scotia Alternative Budget  <>


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