Tax Fairness Manitoba

Fairness Forum was held Tuesday,  June 5th    1 to 4 pm

The Forum was sponsored by the SPCW and CCPA. Funding to bring Ms McQuaig to Winnipeg is coming from The Joe Zuken Memorial Association, the Manitoba Government and General Employees Union and the Social Planning Council of Winnipeg. For more information, contact Social Planning Council at 943 2561.

Note: Tax Benefits Day 2012 

Canada Without Poverty is pleased to champion the 2nd annual Tax Benefits Day to highlight the beneficial role taxes play in enabling valued public services and supporting valued public institutions.  Tax Benefits Day counters the misguided Tax Freedom Day, announced yesterday by the Fraser Institute.  Click here for further criticism of Tax Freedom Day, including by taxation expert Neil Brooks (co-author with Linda McQuaig of The Trouble With Billionaires – a must read).


Interview with Linda McQuaig.

Turn out the Lights, article by John Stapleton.pdf


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Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Taxes are not merely a way for governments to raise revenue. Taxes are a political mechanism for directing economic activity, addressing major issues facing communities, supporting our democratic and cultural institutions and determining how we shape our physical and social environment.

In the last two decades, people with power and wealth have consciously tried to create a public animosity towards paying taxes. However, most tax payers know that the services, supports and systems that we need to function as a society must be paid for in some equitable way.

This workshop, organized by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (Manitoba) and the Social Planning Council of Winnipeg, will address the tax debate imbalance facing Canadians. A cross section of concerned individuals and representatives of select organizations are invited to meet to analyse how taxes are now defined and used, and to consider what can be done to promote tax fairness for Manitobans.

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